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 The article was conducted to research the results of K-pop (Korean Pop) fanship on teens in Turkey. Turkish youth compare Korean culture and music to their own culture. Domestic relations, gender perception, pressures against women, exist in each Turkish culture and Korean culture. This sense of closeness has additionally affected the eagerness for music. In Turkey, wherever ancient values are of nice importance within the community, the unconcealed truth of high level of fanship for K-Pop music will be thought-about as a vital contribution of this study to the relevant scientific field. In this study, 287 teens who crammed out interview forms with semi-structured queries via electronic channels, participated within the research. Developed by Reysen & Branscombe (2010) "Fanship Scale" was used. throughout the analysis phase, we have a tendency to first of all examined whether or not the information set met the essential criteria needed for constant quantity tests. because the family financial gain level increases, the need to be showing emotion connected to K-Pop music, to spot oneself with music and to be friends with those that also are fans increase respectively. it's also ascertained that the mean ranks of the Fanship Scale of the participants who are twenty years previous and younger are found to be on top of the opposite participants. it absolutely was ascertained that because the ages of the participants increased, their scores on the admiration scale decreased. As a results of unidirectional analysis of variance (ANOVA) to see whether or not the mean uncountable the Fanship Scale of the participants dissent in line with the K-Pop listening time variable, it's been unconcealed a big distinction; another significant difference has additionally been found between the mean scores [F (2-234) =11,246; p<,05] of the Fanship Scale. This distinction refers to the actual fact that those that have listened K-Pop 4-10 years or over have a higher levels of fanship than those who have listened to that not up to one year. 

[1] Asya Studies Academic Social Studies / Akademik Sosyal Araştırmalar Year: 4 - Number: 14, p. 107-118, Winter 2020


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